Changes in the Drama Department: A Promising Future


Ben Goldman

Change! Complications! Drama! — Is that how this year’s theatre season will be?

This week, the theatre department had its first meeting to welcome incoming freshmen and announce auditions for the Fall play.  With a flood of feverish freshmen, a new Drama 1 and 2 teacher, and an absence of last year’s seniors, there is no doubt there will be a change in dynamics this season.

One of the major changes in the drama department is the new Drama 1 and 2 teacher, Mr. Joel Thursam.  While having a new teacher may seem to be a drastic change, Thursam strives to, “continue what was in place… making sure the students have the same experience as before.” Thursam has taught Drama in the past, despite focusing on other communications-related classes recently.  With this assurance, he strives to keep these classes as they were: an introduction to the world of drama.

Once introduced, it won’t be hard for these new students to fall in love with theatre.  If they do decide to participate in this year’s Fall play, they’ll have more opportunities than ever before, because this year’s play features more speaking parts than any play ever performed at WBHS. “We have a really great group of students this year and it should be really fun to put on,” said actor Francis Brenner, “[because] we’ll be able to show off more talent than we necessarily have in previous years.”

Director Kelly Rothe agrees: “In my opinion it’s the perfect season.”  So, it appears that for these incoming freshmen and returning students, this upcoming theatre season will be one of the best, despite all of these recent changes.

For information on how to audition for this year’s Fall play, visit: