Lakers Score Big Against Stoney Creek

The Lakers dominate their homecoming opponents 36-19.


Lakers victoriously take the field after a win.

The West Bloomfield High School football team competed against Stoney Creek at the annual action packed homecoming game. The Lakers’ record was 2-2 prior to the highly anticipated match, but thanks to everyone’s excitement the Lakers were able to improve t0 3-2. 

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The game had an eventful start with Stoney Creek taking advantage of field position and converting on a 42 yard field goal. The Cougars followed this up with a 10 yard touchdown run which gave Stoney Creek a 10-0 lead by the end of the first quarter. At the beginning of second quarter Bryce Veasley scored a 3 yard touchdown bringing the Lakers in reaching ground, 10-7.

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Stoney Creek next scored a 39 yard field goal which allowed them score 3 more points, bringing the score to 13-7. Veasley fought back with a pass to Josh Turner which was converted to a 23 yard touchdown. The Lakers were then up 14-13.

Again, Stoney Creek’s offense fought back as they returned a 97 yard kickoff for a touchdown. Stoney Creek was once again ahead of the Lakers, 19-14.

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The game concluded after Taj Mustapha, Garrett Winn, and James Faulkner all scored touchdowns for WB. After a close start, the Lakers were able to win the game with a score of 36-19, making it a great start to the Homecoming Weekend. The next football game is Friday, September 30 where the Lakers play home against Southfield. Check in next week for more Laker updates.