WBHS Counseling Offers New Yoga Classes


Eric Cosma

    In an effort to console its many “stressed-out” students, West Bloomfield High School has organized a new, student-only  “Sustainable Yoga & Stress Reduction” after-school course. Organized by assistant principal Dr. Mara Hoffert and Ms. Linda Kay, the program seeks to offer students a new tool to combat the negative impact of their daily stresses.


    The classes—which will meet Wednesdays, after school—will assist students in building a refined skillset to confidently apply in stressful situations. Individual sessions will consist of fundamental physical yoga practice, along with stress-reducing breathing exercises. Originating in ancient Indian philosophy, yoga strengthens both the mind and body.


    The physiological benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, increased breathing, energy, and vitality, weight reduction, and injury prevention. As such, student athletes would especially benefit from attending the weekly meetings. Dr. Mara Hoffert notes, “a lot of research shows that yoga is really good for improving your mental and physical balance.”


Ancient yoga sessions involved a complex combination of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises.  Although spiritual exercises are less common today, the essence of the ancient practices can still be felt in modern yoga.


     Possible psychological advantages include; reduced mental fatigue, improved clarity of thought, improved general happiness, reduced anxiety, and improved concentration. All of these gains are things that the WBHS counseling department feels are necessary for successful students. 

If you are interested in registering for this course, which begins Wednesday, September 28th, see the counseling office soon.