Scuffle in the Stands

Juniors shaken up from disagreement in bleachers

Who is it?

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Who is it?

Ryan Horwitz and Deepa Jha

On Friday, September 23rd, West Bloomfield High School was in the midst of their pep assembly.

About halfway into the rally, a bit of a scuffle broke out in the upper section of the bleachers. Two students exchanged unkind words; this quickly escalated to paper being thrown around the junior section. Many students were distracted from the pep assembly as this small conflict began to expand.

Spectating students were told to pay no mind to the situation at hand and continue watching the pep assembly. In the junior section, though, this sitaution grew and more students became involved, friends holding back the two from one another. One student sitting near the incident said, “At first I thought it was a joke, but then I saw that it was serious and I didn’t want to get involved.”

The West Bloomfield staff handled this very well and took care of it quickly. The pep assembly continued and it turned out to be a successful event.  The Lakers later went on to win their homecoming game against Stoney Creek with a final score of 36-19. Remember, it’s always a great day to be a Laker!