A Homecoming Fit for Royalty


Avani Samandur and Lauryn Azu

A Disney-themed dance was the perfect way for students to dance the night away at this year’s Homecoming Dance. On Saturday, September 24th, the Leadership class held the Homecoming dance in the West Bloomfield High School cafeteria. The cafeteria, as well as the courtyard, was decorated with string lights, castle towers, posters, and Disney characters.

This year’s homecoming court included freshmen Jacob Nafso and Kendra Williams, sophomores Nick Nafso and Yasmin Bangura, juniors Blake Bordelove and Kori Tucker, and seniors Celine Foster, Sahana Shankar, Roshell Quarker, Garrett Winn, Jordan Yaldo, and Zay Douglas. The Homecoming Queen and King (crowned at the Friday night football game) were Roshell Quarker and Garrett Winn.