Meet The New Teachers at WBHS!


Jo Fogarasi, Nina Ross, and Emma Lundgren


As the new school year starts, West Bloomfield received many new teachers to join everybody for the 2016-2017 school year. Since they were the talk of the town, Spectrum decided to interview many of the new teachers to get to know them. Here are their profiles:


Ms. Buffmyer


Education: Central Michigan University


Years teaching: She has been teaching since she graduated in December 2015. Since she graduated, she taught in Brandon for a few months and finished out last year in Farmington at the alternative high school.


Classes: Biology, Chemistry, and a Sprint Class


Inspiration: She went to WBHS she was inspired by the great teachers that she had, especially here in high school.


Current opinion of WBHS: She loves the direction WB is going in. She loves how involved and spirited the school is.


Mr.  Jakeway


Classes: AP World History, U.S History, and Cultural Studies of Gender.


Education: Central Michigan University


Years Teaching:  This is his first year teaching in a classroom. He taught one year online and he has substitute taught the past two years.


Inspiration: He had positive influences that made him want to become a teacher, but the reason he really got into it was after coaching his high school’s football team.


Opinion of WBHS: He loves it here. He believes it has a really nice sense of community.

“All the students seem to be really happy. All the staff seems to be really happy. It seems to be like a really great place to be.”


Ms. Kozicki


Years Teaching: She has been teaching for 10 years. She previously worked at Wayne Westland community schools for 9 years.


Inspiration: She loves how eventful and interesting her classroom is and how everyday is a new day

Classes: Reading, math, social studies, and functional life skills. She is also the  coordinator.  


Education: She went to Eastern for her undergrad and U of M Dearborn for graduates school.


Opinion of WBHS: She really likes the staff and the administrators. Everyone seems pretty cool and she likes the environment so far.


Mr. Kremer


Classes: History and U.S History


Years Teaching: 18 years


Education: He went to Central Michigan University and received his masters at Marygrove.


Inspiration: He loves learning and helping people become better versions of themselves.


Opinion of WBHS: He loves that it is a true community, not only in the school, but in the support of the schools. Since he has been at both middle schools before coming over to WBHS, he is able to see students as they journey through middle to high school and he enjoys observing their progress.


Ms. Nowak


Years teaching: One


Classes: Physics and American Lit


Education: GVSU


Inspiration: She always wanted to be a teacher. She would pretend to teach her dolls when she was young. When she was in high school she had a physics teacher who made her love physics, and she ended up getting a degree in physics. She wanted to be able to build relationships with students and have discussions with them about topics like literature and science as well as life outside of school


Opinion of WBHS: She loves it. She thinks It’s fun and everyone is very welcoming and it seems like everyone has school spirit.


Ms. Orrin


Years Teaching: She was at Cesar Chavez Academy in Detroit. She was a caseload manager for special education. She has been teaching for 6 years.


Inspiration: The kids and seeing them excited to learn. When they’re actually excited to read, these moments make her passionate about teaching. A teacher named Mrs. Clump instilled Ms. Orrin’s love for english.


Opinion of WB: She loves the rest of the WBHS staff and she’s looking forward to all of the fun things we do all year as well as seeing the swamp in action.


Classes: Resource Room and English 9


Education: Eastern Michigan for her bachelor’s, she’s currently in Saginaw Valley State University for her masters.


Mr. Truran


Classes: College Essay Writing, American Lit and Michigan History


Years teaching: This will be his 5th year


Education: Michigan State


Inspiration: The creativity that’s involved and the planning of things. He really enjoys the interactions with his students and being around people, making them laugh and having fun.


Opinion of WBHS: He enjoys all the help and support as well as the great administration who are easy to talk to.