Senior Mock Elections

Senior mock elections, the only election that doesn’t matter but is better than the real thing!

Senior Mock Elections

Madison Ruiz and Melissa Strome

Its that time of year again where seniors go crazy as they campaign and try to gain votes for senior mock election. The first round of voting took place Friday, October 7, and the second round will take place near the end of this week. This year many new categories have been added such as class klutz, best makeup, most likely to marry for money, and class mooch.

“I enjoy senior mock election, but I do feel like they are all based on popularity, that is why I am not running for any this year. My favorite category that they have this year is best makeup,” said senior Vanessa Myers.

“No I do not like mock elections, it is very stupid and people are making a big deal out of it. I am not running because there is no point and I do not enjoy any of the categories.” said senior Blake Baldwin

“I do enjoy mock elections. I think that it is fun and includes mostly everyone. I also like that there are so many different categories to choose from. This year I am running for most loveable, and my favorite category is worst driver,” said senior Nichelle Clark.

“I like mock elections because I like having people know who I am. I am running for Next Kanye West, and that is my favorite category as well,”said senior Chris Riddick

“I think mock elections are fun, but a popularity contest, and I do not really like that because your classmates are supposed to nominate you, you are not supposed to campaign for it, so that kind of takes some of the fun out of it. I am not running, but I hope to win Dynamic Duo with Maddy Ruiz. My favorite category this year is best laugh, ” said senior Allie Pufahl.

“I like mock elections because they are fun, I am running for most lovable and my favorite category is ‘Most likely to be mistaken as a freshman,'” said senior Russell Estill.

To all seniors nominated, good luck!

Senior Mock Election Categories:

  1. class mom and dad
  2. life of the party
  3. most likely to stay in West Bloomfield
  4. most lovable
  5. dynamic duo
  6. terrible trio
  7. teachers pet
  8. social media king and queen
  9. most likely to be mistaken as a freshman
  10. worst case of senioritis
  11. class couple
  12. class savage
  13. born in the wrong decade
  14. class clown
  15. most likely to be on Broadway
  16. concert fanatic
  17. most likely to go to the Olympics
  18. most likely to be on reality TV
  19. most likely to get married for money
  20. most likely to rule the world
  21. most likely to win the lottery and loose the ticket
  22. dream date
  23. most likely to need a ride
  24. class sneaker head
  25. best makeup
  26. most likely to cure cancer
  27. class ‘mooch’
  28. most likely to be late to graduation
  29. shopaholic
  30. drama queen and king
  31. class chatterbox
  32. next Kanye West
  33. next Beyonce
  34. most changed
  35. best dressed
  36. class klutz
  37. worst driver
  38. best smile
  39. best hair
  40. best laugh
  41. most opinionated
  42. class heart breaker