WBHS offers new anti-stress program to teachers and staff


Nina Ross

From the 26 AP classes offered, to the new STEAM program, most people are aware of the amazing opportunities available for students here at WBHS. What most people don’t know is that the opportunities aren’t just for students, but faculty as well.

The Balance, Health, and Wellness Program at WBHS is designed to present staff with different opportunities that help them create a balance of health and wellness in their lives. It was established so that the staff know that they’re not just teachers; they’re important to the school community because they make a meaningful impact in students’ lives.

However, the jobs and lives of WBHS staff members don’t come without their numerous stresses. This is where the Balance, Health, and Wellness Program aims to make improvements. It is a volunteer bonding experience offered in order to teach WBHS staff members coping methods for the stresses they face. 

Some of the things done include staff book talks. This year the book is Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. Selected books are used to expose staff members to new perspectives that may introduce a new mindset or skill.  English teacher Mrs. Jennifer McQuillan was so influenced by the chosen book’s message, that she even involved it in her classroom discussions. According to McQuillan, students responded enthusiastically to Grit‘s message, saying, “the results were amazing.”

Events also include hula hooping, art projects, baking projects, a 5K walk, and staff sports. Every Thursday there is yoga with the staff that is open to up to 20 staff members. All of these programs are implemented in hopes that WBHS staff members will be able to find the balance and mental wellness needed to handle the demanding aspects of their job.