How to “Boo” a Friend

Photo credit: Ben Goldman, WBHS

Photo credit: Ben Goldman, WBHS

Ben Goldman

Feeling upset you wasted all that money on a clown costume you can’t wear to WBHS? Well, now there’s a solution! During this week only, you can spend your money on a Boo gram! A “boo” free of clowns!

With Halloween (and the elections) right around the corner, Law Club is capitalizing on the opportunity to turn a profit.  Throughout the week, students can purchase Boo Grams during lunch, and the Law Club will deliver them next Monday.

To buy it for your friends, visit the table outside the cafeteria during all lunches. Boo Grams cost $1, and come with a personalized message and a sucker.

It’s clear that Law Club isn’t clowning around this Halloween, and hopefully the Boo Grams will make it a little less terrifying than Election Day.