High School Senior Revives Radio Station


Ben Goldman

“WHAAAAT???!!! WE HAVE A SCHOOL RADIO STATION!!??!” wailed the exhilarated, and slightly bewildered, sophomore.  Her voice cracked with oblivion, but her face was lit with enlightenment.

She wasn’t the only student, however, that was awestruck by the news. 13 out of the 15 students surveyed were equally shocked upon learning about West Bloomfield High School’s radio station, 89.3 WBLD. Over the past year, the radio station has revived its original platform of airing non-stop music 24 hours a day.

In charge of this operation is Brandon Crawford, a senior at West Bloomfield High School who also now serves as the program director for the radio station.  As program director, Brandon chooses both the songs and the arranges them in the order in which they are played.  These music “logs” are planned in advance, second-by-second.

The radio station was created in 1974, and since then has had a long history of both ups and downs. Last year, however, thanks to Brandon and general manager Dave Scott, the station was brought back to being a community staple. Reviving its previously established potential is what Brandon is most proud of, but the improvements for the station are far from over.

 “For the future, we are working on installing weather alerts, and song information that you can see online and, if available, on your radio.”

With a riveting mix of both old and new music, Brandon ensures both students and parents will love listening to the station.

“There are so many great things about the radio station! It has local content, such as football games, as well as music that you’ll normally hear.  And the best part is it’s all commercial free.”

The radio station runs 24 hours a day in the West Bloomfield area. To listen, tune into 89.3 WBLD, the all new Lakes FM, or go to lakesfm.com