What’s U-Matter Week?

A breakdown of this year’s all-new U Matter week celebration


Melissa Strome

U-Matter week is filled with social awareness of mental health and mental illness. Students are involved in activities, presentations and competition. All of these are to teach students about mental health, suicide awareness and mental illnesses.

The activity created to kick off the week is the hallway decorating contest. Clubs are invited to participate and there is even an award of $250 for the winner. There is an essay contest and a poem contest as well. Although there are rewards, the purpose of this week is for students to learn.

Tuesday and Wednesday will have speakers for the students. Wednesday’s speaker will be a teacher from West Bloomfield that will give a TED talk. The TED talks will “hopefully provide students will familiar faces giving valuable advice,” according to Josh Cooper.

The purpose of this week is to establish a community in which people feel safe to work through their challenges. Look back on Spectrum’s website next week to learn more about each of these events.