Model UN Takes on Bloomfield Hills High School


Madison Ruiz

The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Model United Nations delegates gathered together to debate real world issues at Bloomfield Hills High School December 10, 2017. This conference was a major downscale from the previous SEMMUNA conference with thousands of participants. The BHHS Conference consisted of about 200 students, which this allowed the delegates to practice what it would be like to debate among other students whilst being in a small, confined classroom. This conference gave students the opportunity to get familiar with the setup and procedure before attending larger conferences such as Michigan State and Oakland University.  Model UN is sponsored by WBHS teacher Ryan Ridenour and executive board that consists of Ari Felhandler, Eriq Carrey, Celine Foster, Nasser Junedi and Rishabh Parekh.Displaying IMG_20161210_103502617_TOP.jpgDisplaying IMG_20161210_142332843_HDR.jpg

“MUN is lit, I love history and its my second home. It allows me to converse with people that share my ideals, not necessarily my ideals actually but pursue my passion for learning. I enjoy [Model UN] a lot and it was a well run conference, the actual execution of the conference was sluggish since the topic was like that. I encourage people to join Model UN. My favorite memory last year was at BHHS 2015 crisis committee. I was the UK and I left the EU,” said senior Eriq Carrey, who has been a part of Model United Nations for 4 years.

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For more information on Model United Nations please contact Mr. Ridenour, or anyone on the executive board.

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