Back in Time

Past brought back to make a better future


ren3  The middle ages were dark, dirty and dank.  The quality of life was poor, famine was wide spread and the black plague ended many lives.  The Renaissance era was a rebirth of the world.  AP teacher,  Dr.  Jill Adamczyk has her AP European classes run a mini-renaissance festival during lunches once a year.  The meaning behind the jousting, cupcakes and pie throwing, is to celebrate the end of the Middle Ages and to raise money for Gleaners food bank to help families in need.   The jousting station was a big hit as the school authorities gave themselves over to the mercy of the students.  Mr. Guy Wardell, Dean of Discipline, Mr. Eric Pierce, teacher, Mr. Thomas Shelton, Principal, Mr. Patrick Watson, Assistant Principal, and Mr. Arthur Ebert, Assistant Principal, all took their turns getting pies in the face, much to the students’ enjoyment.  The money raised this year was significantly more than last year.  The total amount raised was $361.  Students participated in dressing up even if they were not in an AP European class which added to the excitement of the event. It seems that the students at West Bloomfield High School found the event a fun and interesting way to escape the normal, routine school day.

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