Lifting Others One Step At A Time

The Interact club, a branch off of the world renowned Rotary Club, continues to show it’s passion for delivering a helping hand to the most vulnerable within society.


Ari Felhandler


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” -Mother Teresa

On Saturday, October 30th the Interact Club of West Bloomfield ventured out to the Heartland Rehabilitation Center located in West Bloomfield. The Heartland Center provides individualized post-hospital nursing care to help patients recover quickly from surgery. Interact Club members wished to further enhance the patients’ recoveries by creating cards wishing the residents good health and a happy Halloween. Club members spent hours making 100 individualized, handmade cards filled with love and positivity. These cards were then divided amongst the members and delivered to each and every room of patients in the midst of recovery. It was clear in each patient’s face that the students’ presence and support brought delight and heightened their spirits.


The interactions with the patients not only served as a sign of positivity for the patients, but a touching moment for club members. Patients often shared stories and opened up with compassion. One patient spoke of the importance of enjoying life and seizing opportunities. She said, “You have to hop on life like it’s a bull and ride it. Have fun with it. Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.”

Upon being asked about his experiences, President Rishabh Parekh stated, “I am passionate to help the community because it make me a better person. I learn new lessons from others and feel empowered when I give back to others.”

The Interact Club first engaged with the Heartland patient community last year and hopes to continue their tradition of brightening the patients’ Halloween for years to come. The club plans to continue their gracious deeds throughout the community by attending leadership conferences, spearheading book drives, and donating their time to food banks.