Overview of Coding Club

Recent meeting overview

Overview of Coding Club

Ryan Horwitz

Coding club recently had a meeting on Thursday, November 17th after school. All types of new things are being organized for the club.

Coding club is now partnered with an organization called Hack Club, founded by Zach Latta, a Forbes 30 under 30 winner. The club has also recently partnered with MIT launch, a business competition, in which four teams will be sent to compete in. The members of coding club will be partnered with professors and create start up companies. Additionally, the members of coding club are working towards a milestone accomplishment. They are in the process of organizing in the largest youth hackathon in May, with Novi High School as well as Ann Arbor Huron. This upcoming hackathon will be a coding craze!

Coding club is on the rise with 25 members as of today, and still growing. Every coding club meeting will be broken down and reviewed, only by Spectrum.