Varsity Hockey Starts Season With A Slam!

Melissa Strome

Varsity Hockey Player #33, Steven McCotter.
Varsity Hockey Player #33, freshman Steven McCotter.

Laker Varsity Hockey defeated Troy Athens in their opening game of the season. The Lakers started off down, but managed to battle back to even and then eventually win the game.

The Lakers had lots of practice, but nothing prepared them for this. Starting off slowly, Troy clinched a 3-1 lead.

“Even when we were down a few goals, we stayed fairly positive with each other. Once we started scoring, we just stayed positive. There’s no room for negativity in a game like hockey,” said forward Varsity Hockey player Josh Ramsey.

After the slow start, the team utilized their positivity and ended up winning 5-3, scoring 4 of their goals on power plays.

This close game was an eye opener for the team and hopefully will set them off to a good start for the remainder of the season.