What are Lakers up to over Thanksgiving Break?


Emma Lundgren and Melissa Strome

See what fun things students are doing over break!

“My family is coming over my house” -Julia Dagostino (11)

“Family is coming to town and we have an eating contest” -Mark Harden (12)

“Going to my grandparent’s house” -Daniel Kassab (12)

“Nothing” -Noah Past (12)

“I am balling out” -Usman Waheed (12)

“Thanksgiving is my mom’s birthday. Our whole family is going out to dinner so she doesn’t have to cook” -Drew Anderson (12)

“Spending time with my family” -Carli Bordelove (9)

“Taking my dog to his friend’s house for a playdate” Lara Mathias (9)

“I’m staying home” -Omar Ammoun (11)

“Eating with my family” -Unser Jaffrey (9)

“Hitting the gym then grub” -Jake Cohen (11)

“Grubbing with my dude Jake while pumping some major iron” Collin Pintamo (11)

“Eating with the fam” Rishabh Parekh (11)

“Eating and sleeping” Christina Summa (11)

“Eating turkey and chilling with my family” Aaron Ross (?)

“Livin’ life” Lucas Lafontaine (?)

“Going to visit family” Kameron Omror (11)

“I’m gonna go visit my sister in England. Ironic” Grace Jolliffe (10)

“After thanksgiving me and my family are going to play laser tag. It’s a tradition.” Annabel Faigin (12)

“I’m going to eat tofurkey and forge metal with nothing but my left pinkie” (12)