West Bloomfield Township celebrates Recycling Day


Lauryn Azu and Ben Goldman

In an effort to raise awareness about conservation and environmental protection, West Bloomfield Township held its first annual Recycling Day, on Friday, November 18. This event was completely free to the public, and showcased interactive displays of how we can use recycled materials to create interesting and useful decorations.

Both younger and older attendees had the opportunity to create birdfeeders out of recycled toilet paper tubes, Crisco, and nuts and seeds. They also could make origami out of patterned recycled folding paper, with the help of a resident origami master. Finally, a recycling truck from Rizzo Environmental was open for residents to view and explore in the front of the Township Office.

Recycling Day’s inaugural celebration was well attended for its first go, as around 120 township residents were registered to attend. Presentations were scheduled throughout the event, and focused on what residents of West Bloomfield can do to promote recycling and environmental awareness at home. For example, West Bloomfield Parks & Recreation Naturalist Lauren Azoury educated residents on how to make their yards safe for birds to roost.  

The showcase of birdhouses made from repurposed material was only fitting for such a celebration. “Birds are kind of like the original recyclers,” said Azoury, since birds also repurpose collected material in order to make their nests.


Many WBHS students  were involved with the success of this event. Literary Garden Club members created birdfeeders out of recycled cartons for a town-wide birdfeeder contest. Literary Garden Club members Ana Bai, sophomore, and Olivia Bowyer, junior, both received honorary mentions in the contest.

Students of Physics teacher Mr. Barclay volunteered by passing out popcorn and other refreshments. Ms. Hauk’s Chamber Choir members contributed as well, singing popular holiday tunes after the presentations.

“I think we should all take recylcing very seriously, because we only have one Earth,” said Alexander Pallazola, senior. Events like Recycling Day remind us that we are only stewards of this great planet, and it should be our goal to leave the Earth better than we have inherited it.