Let’s Nail It!


Ari Felhandler

It’s the holiday season! Make sure you look your best! Take some time to treat yourself to a luxurious hour of pampering and indulging. The Class of 2018 is offering West Bloomfield High School’s first ever Salon 18 where staff and students are able to get their nails done by a professional manicurist while benefiting the Class of 2018.

Manicures will take place in Ms. Noon’s room (#542) each Wednesday in accordance with 3 time slots (2:15, 3:15, and 4:15). Those interested must turn in their money to Ms. Noon in advance to secure their spot (first come, first serve). Salon 18 offers a basic manicure for a reasonable twenty dollars and a shellac manicure for 35 dollars.

When asked about the idea behind utilizing manicures as a school fundraiser, Ms. Noon stated, “What sparked this unique fundraising concept was during a student government meeting. The student-reps kept swirling around idea after idea and we needed to expand beyond mere food fundraisers, which are difficult to incorporate due to the National restriction to only two days per week. Then, the idea of having a licensed manicurist come to the school was suggested.” She expanded on this innovative idea by exclaiming that “this idea would allow the Class of 2018 to work outside of that restrictive food realm.  Any funds raised from this, and other fundraising efforts, are put into the Class of 2018’s account.”

Class council advisors and representatives assume massive responsibilities throughout the year to enhance the student body’s experience during their time at West Bloomfield High School. Ms. Noon continued, “The funds contained in this account go toward the financial responsibilities the class has for Prom location, Prom decorations, class gifts, Senior Breakfast, and Powder Puff costs, amongst the other costs and requirements the class will be responsible for during their senior year.”

Check out Salon 18’s flyer!