Spotlight On: Korissa Shade


Avani Samandur, Deepa Jha, and Jo Fogarasi

This is the very first part of the brand new Spectrum Series: Spotlight On Students. This series highlights students at WBHS with interesting and unique hobbies or talents, and will be published bi-monthly.



Korissa Shade, West Bloomfield’s very own roller skater, has performed stunningly well in many of her competitions. Known as Kori, Shade has been roller skating for five years at the Rolladium Skating Center in Waterford.  Shade began after going to an open skate event at the rink with a friend. Since then, her passion for skating has only grown.  Since then, she has been training almost every day after school for three hours.

What’s your first memory of skating?

Probably my first nationals when I was twelve.

What are some of your biggest achievements in skating?

In my second year of skating, I got a bronze medal at nationals and this past year, I got a gold metal.

Do you have a pre-competition ritual?

I listen to music and I sit in a corner and stretch and focus on my routine.

What has been your biggest struggle in skating?

Injuries- I pulled a muscle in my hamstring last year.

What inspires you?

My coach because she is always working hard, eating right and going to the gym.

What advice would you give to someone who also wants to be successful at skating?

Just to try and never give up- because it is a hard sport but if you put effort into it you’ll do great.