WB DECA Takes on Nationals


Madison Ruiz

West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) DECA competitors never ceased to amaze their school and community. Six WBHS students qualified to attend DECA Nationals in the Virtual Business Challenge. Congratulations to Nick Seidel, Matthew Ladouceur, and Brian Bembas for qualifying for DECA Nationals for the second year in a row in Virtual Business Sports! Rei Mizuno, Maria Kakos, and Vietress Feller also qualified for DECA Nations in Virtual Business Hotel. All finalists this year are juniors who are interested in pursuing business as a profession. All of these individuals will be attending DECA Nationals where they will compete against students from around the world.

“I like DECA because it involves what I want to do when I am older and it is a great learning experience. I encourage people to join DECA because you meet new people, and it is an overall great experience. I am very excited for nationals for many reasons. One being that it is in California which will be fun, and I haven’t been there before. And also I will get to meet new people from around the world. My best DECA memory is probably finishing 4th place in the nation for Virtual Business Sports,” said junior Brian Bembas, Deca Nationalist.

“I enjoy DECA because it’s a competitive but welcoming activity that helps me advance my business mindset for my future. I would encourage people to join DECA because there are lots of categories where everyone can find their best fit to compete in. I am so excited for nationals this year because I get to spend time with my closest friends in California and meet different DECA students from around the world. My best DECA memory would be when my partner, Danielle Fink, and I finished presenting our paper to the judge and then we went shopping and she got her foot stuck in a $400 cowgirl boot,” said junior Vietress Feller, Deca Nationalist.

The official Competition takes place this spring. DECA Districts will take place January 14, 2017 and States will be held at the Cobo Center in Detroit on March 10-12. For more information on DECA and the West Bloomfield Business Academy please contact Mrs. Julie Zalla or DECA President Josh Cooper.

Julie Zalla: [email protected]