Vikings Dribble Past the Lakers


Ari Felhandler and Ryan Horwitz

LANSING– Fourth quarter aspirations were shattered as believers turned to grievers.

Tonight’s riveting game featured a constant back-and-forth rotation between the Lakers and the Vikings. Pouncing on early opportunities, the Lakers assailed their rival’s net with an onslaught of shots in the first quarter to finish on a 14-6 run. After their hot streak in the first quarter, the Lakers succumbed to the superior pressure of their opponents. The second quarter symbolized a turning of the tides, as the Vikings bounced back to shorten the margin between the team’s scores. The Vikings dominated momentum and led with an 18-8 run in the second. In a devastating turn of events, the Vikings scored a myriad of points to continue their lead. In the aftermath of a rousing pep talk at halftime, the Lakers came out with renewed spunk and effort. Despite this heightened sense of urgency, the Lakers fell to the Vikings by 9 points, faltering after a hard fought match up. Their energy waned, and the Vikings capitalized on a diminishing effort level. Though the game did not end up in the Lakers’ favor, it served as a reminder of the team’s ability to improve in the future.

Kevin McAdoo (senior) did his best to keep his team within reach by scoring 24 points. Tre Harvey (junior) also added to the Lakers score with 17 points of his own.

The Lakers look to bounce back from this loss on December 16th against De La Salle Collegiate at West Bloomfield High School at 7 pm. Come out and support you Lakers!