Coffee House Comes to the iCenter


Freshman Gabby Green and her guitar at Coffee House 2016

Avani Samandur and Lauryn Azu

What’s winter at West Bloomfield High School without a cup of hot cocoa and a moment of relaxation in the iCenter? Coffee House is a combination of it all- with baked goods, music, and talented students from all grades. Held in the iCenter during lunch, the leadership class hosted Coffee House on Friday December 9.

“Coffee House is a great event because we get the opportunity to recognize students for talents that they do not normally show off to everyone,” said Coffee House committee chair Roshell Quarker. The proceeds raised from  Coffee House will go either to the Oakland County Lighthouse, Adopt-A-Family, or the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Students were given the opportunity to choose which charity they wanted to donate their money to.

The leadership class began preparing for Coffee House after Homecoming ended, and decided to hold Coffee House at lunch this year rather than after school. “The reason we changed it from after school to during lunch is because often a lot of people who really wanted to go, and who really enjoy singing, that look forward Coffee House every year. However, they sometimes have something going on after school, like a sport, so they can’t stay after. We felt that a lot of people were disappointed. This way, it’s more accessible for everyone,” said committee member Nick Nafso.

Students performed a variety of talents ranging from singing to guitar-playing and poetry readings. It’s certainly daunting for students to perform in front of their peers – and some did indeed choke – but others thrived in the spotlight. “It’s very hard to do but I believe in myself. I’ve been doing this for quite a long time, so I believe I’ll do well,” said freshman magician Husan Allos before his performance.

The complete list of performers is below.

  1. Safiatu Bah
  2. Daisha Johnson
  3. Lauryn Spann
  4. Day’sha Lyons
  5. Husan Allos
  6. Nate Elam
  7. Kaya James
  8. Serena Vokavich
  9. Gauri Oak
  10. Josh Allison
  11. Christopher Lewis
  12. Jordan Maxwell
  13. Olivia Bowyer
  14. Jordan Hunter
  15. Benji Efros
  16. Gabby Green
  17. Chelsea Stamman

Thank you to all who graced the stage!