Spotlight On: Kyla Christopher-Moody

Photo courtesy of MIPREPZONE

Photo courtesy of MIPREPZONE

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This week, Spectrum is spotlighting sophomore athlete Kyla Christopher-Moody.

Kyla Christopher-Moody is an All-American cross country runner and All-State track and field runner. Kyla placed 10th in the Midwest Regional cross country race, making her an All-American cross country runner. Recently, she also competed in the Foot Locker Cross Country Nationals in San Diego, California. Running with high schoolers from across the country, Kyla  finished in 23rd place with a time of 18:04. Kyla has been running since kindergarten, when her parents felt like she had too much energy and put her in a track program. She credits her success to her love of running, and trains during the season almost every day.


How often and how much do you train?


“Right now is my off-season, so I’m not running. During the season I run everyday and the distance depends on my weekly mileage. My weekly mileage is around forty miles a week at the most, and usually thirty five miles a week.”


What is your favorite memory from running?


“When I stopped during a two hundred at the finish line to wave at my parents.”


What are some of your biggest achievements in running?

“I got All-State cross country, All-State track, and All-American cross country.”

Do you have a pre-race routine?


“I have to listen to some music, stretch and warm up, and then just stay ready. I don’t listen to music while I run because I don’t like holding my phone while I’m running.”


What have been some of your biggest struggles while running?


“Just being tired, I guess. I haven’t really been injured while running.”


What other hobbies do you have besides running?


“I like to watch Designated Survivor, Modern Family, and I love running.”


What inspires you to run?


“Just boredom, and I really like running.”


Who is your biggest supporter?


“My Grandpa. He’s just like a classic grandpa and he always brags about me.”


What advice could you give to a new runner or someone who wants to follow their dreams?


“Don’t compare yourself to the best— just be inspired by them.”


Congratulations to Kyla for all her achievements! Know anyone who deserves to be in Spectrum Spotlight? Leave his or her name in the comments below!