West Bloomfield Students Waiting on Winter Break


Ryan Horwitz and Melissa Strome

What are West Bloomfield students doing over winter break? Here are what some student said!

“Hanging out with friends.”  – Prince Linus, 12

“Chilling with friends” – Lewis Bingham, 11

“I’m going to Cancun, Mexico.” – Cam Rasmussen, 12

“Studying for the ACT.” -Kenny Tobin, 12

“Sitting by the fire and enjoying a warm glass of eggnog with my dog.” – Nathan Kinner, 12

“Playing Dungeons and Dragons with my step-aunt George in my basement.” – Alex Weiss, 12

“I’m going to Toronto.” -Hafsa Bilal, 12

“I’m going to work.” – Kyle Edmonds, 11

“I’m going to Florida with my family.” – Jordyn Ingber, 11

“I’m going on a cruise with my family!” -Nicole Ruza, 10

“I am spending time with friends and family.” -Lindsay Schwartz, 10

“Hanging with my bro and cat.” – Unser Jaffry, 9

What are you doing over break? Leave comments below!