Chemistry Club Update


The Chemistry Club at Roosevelt Elementary School.

Avani Samandur

The Chemistry Club has been busy this year. Field trips, exciting experiments, and chemistry-themed crafts have kept Chemistry Club on its toes.

The Chemistry Club’s first actual meeting of the year was the Mole Day Breakfast, held on October 24, 2016. This breakfast was in honor of Mole Day, which celebrates the “Mole”, or 6.02 x 1023, which is Avogadro’s number. Later that same week, Chemistry Club members took a trip to the Magnet class at Roosevelt Elementary to explain National Chemistry Week, and also to make silly putty with Magnet students.

The Chemistry Club made polymer bouncy balls at another meeting. There was even a contest to see whose ball could bounce the highest!

At another meeting, the Chemistry Club covered illuminescence by making lava lamps and watching a demonstration on glow-in-the-dark substances. Chemistry Club Vice President Blake Rubenstein says that his favorite part of the meeting was, “learning about chemistry topics that we don’t get to learn about in Chemistry class,” because topics such as illuminescence are interesting.

At their most recent meeting, the Chemistry Club made borax crystal snowflakes to celebrate the upcoming winter break.

 Later this year, members will be competing at the Chemistry Olympiad competition at the University of Michigan-Dearborn! Interested in joining Chemistry Club? Contact the Chemistry Club sponsors, Mrs. Ismail or Ms. Capello.