Spotlight On: Nolan Beaty

High School student takes his love for pies, and creates a sweet opportunity


Jo Fogarasi

Nolan Beaty is a Sophomore at WBHS who owns his own pie business called Pie Guy Pies. Recently Nolan has been made the talk of the school for delivering people the most delicious pies. As pie eaters and investigative journalists , Spectrum decided to interview Nolan, as well as try his best seller to see what all the hype was about. Here is what he said:

How did you start to bake pies?

“My mom came downstairs one time, and I asked her what was for dinner, and she said, ‘whatever you are making?’ so I made something, and that is how I started cooking. But then I discovered that pies are a good business opportunity.”


Who helps you?

“It’s just me actually.”


What is your personal favorite pie that you make?

“Caribbean coconut with cayenne pepper. It’s my favorite pie because It’s a good mix of sweet and spicy.”


What is the hardest pie to make?

“Vanilla Apple Crumble, it’s my best seller.”


What is your most unique pie?

“All of them. My method is a lot different than other people’s. I take recipes off of the internet and then I will continue to perfect them, and add in or take out things that make the pie.”


What is your biggest challenge when making a pie?

“The biggest challenge when making a pie is the time management.”


What makes the perfect pie “perfect”?

“Probably, personalizing it, you have to add your own touch.”

Overall, Nolan’s pie was amazing and he could not have been sweeter than it. His energy and passion for cooking is huge, and spectrum can’t wait to see what he plans next.

If you are interested in ordering a Pie Guy Pie, leave a comment below!