Voice Day

Abbott and OLMS visit the WB Choir


Melissa Strome and Madison Ruiz

Schools throughout West Bloomfield sang together in unity for Voice Day. According to Ms. Tini, the choir teacher at Orchard Lake Middle School, Voice Day is a chance to introduce middle school students to the program at the high school that is run by Mrs. Hauk. Not only did the middle schoolers listen to the high schoolers perform, but they were able to sing with them.

Voice Day can be considered a recruitment day from Abbott and OLMS as well. Pooja Natarajan, 12, explained, “It gives them a chance to interact with high school students and go through a different choir experience.” This choir experience may attract a student to join choir at the high school, or possibly realize that it no longer is a great choice. Either way, it is a great learning experience for all students that participate.

“It gives middle schoolers a really cool chance to see what high school is like and how much fun choir is,” said one eighth grader from OLMS. Hopefully middle school students liked what they experienced and saw and will join WBHS’s choir in the years to come.