Counselor of the Week

Mrs. Falk


Upon asking Mrs. Falk about her former work, she replied, “This is my 18th year working as a school counselor; 17 in Walled Lake and now WB.” She additionally has experience in the West Bloomfield School District, as she stated, “I have worked in WBSD  since August 2016.”

Mrs. Falk will serve as a part-time counselor at the high school. She continued, “I’m serving as the substitute counselor for Mrs. George for 1st semester only. My caseload is Seniors with last name A-BOK; Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors last names A-CU.”

Mrs. Falk continued, saying that she looks forward to graduation in June. She told spectrum, “I want to see EVERY one of my seniors, especially those who are struggling, march across that stage and receive their diploma!”

When asked about her background, Mrs. Falk informed spectrum, “I have a worked for Walled Lake Consolidated School District, Port Huron Area School District, Capac Community Schools, and St. Clair County ISD. I graduated from Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, and Central Michigan University.”

Mrs. Falk offered significant advice to freshmen by continuing, “I advise freshmen to enroll in challenging courses to stretch their mind and then strive to get the best grades they can; as it’s easier to maintain a strong gpa than have to bring up a low one. Additionally, everyone should become involved in at least two school related activities: athletics, clubs, community service projects, etc. WBHS has a multitude of opportunities, so there is certainly something for EVERYONE!”

She also has advice for the seniors, telling them “to continue to work hard, celebrate the little victories, and don’t procrastinate. But most importantly, remember to breathe.”

Mrs. Falk concluded by saying, “The mantra that I say is, ‘Attend school every day, participate in class, ask for help when you need it, complete all your assignments, and you’ll be successful.’  I also encourage students to meet with their WB counselor regularly in helping plan for classes, careers, and for social-emotional support. Our team of counselors at WB is rock solid, knowledgeable, and very willing to help students. Additionally, when you think you are stressing out, ask yourself the question, ‘How important will this event be one year from now?’ If it isn’t that important…let it go!”

Mrs. Mortimore and Mrs. Falk are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing counselors at WBHS. With each upcoming week, a new counselor will be interviewed for Counselor of the Week so that the students can get to know the amazing people who help them. Come back next week for more Counselor of the Week!