Some Last Minute Study Tips for Chronic Procrastinators


Emma Lundgren, writer

It’s only a few days before you take that one final you’ve been stressing about since the beginning of Quarter 2, but, of course you’ve held off studying for weeks and weeks and by now you have no valuable excuse. Don’t worry, Spectrum’s got you covered.

  1. Don’t try to cram! Cramming doesn’t work! What’s that one saying about eating an elephant? You’ve got to eat it bit by bit. I know you’re running out of time here but that doesn’t mean you have to stress and flip through your notes like a crazy person. Sit down, relax, go over your notes a couple of times and really focus on understanding and memorizing the information that was given to you. The more you work things out in your head the more you’ll understand it.
  2. Treat yourself along the way for that much needed motivation. Studying sucks, and it’s quite boring. If you have a very short attention span like most kids in this generation, try rewarding yourself with treats every once and awhile. It gives you something to look forward to. If you can train your dog to sit down, roll over, and give paw with this method, I’m pretty sure you can study for a test with it.
  3. Know what’s on the test, and if a teacher has given you a review, really look over it. Teachers aren’t playing around when they give you reviews or study guides. They have basically given you an alternate copy of the test, so now is your time to make sure you’ll get every question right. If your teacher has left you on your own to review, try looking over old tests or quizzes that you might have lying around in your folder. Teachers are going to test you on the same topics during your review that you’ve been doing all year, so take advantage of your returned work.
  4. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that you’ll be okay. Confidence is key, go in to a final with optimism and strength. The less you worry the more brain power you will have to do well on the test. Most likely if you’ve payed attention in class you’ll do fine.

And that’s it. You’re on your own amigo. Best of luck to you, love your friends, the Spectrum Staff.