Spotlight On: Camille Grace


Avani Samandur, Deepa Jha , and Jo Fogarasi


This week, we are spotlighting Team USA figure skater Camille Grace. Camille is a senior at our school and has been skating for over ten years. She recently competed in Berlin, Germany and has traveled all over the world for her figure skating career.

  • How did you start figure skating?


I started because my brothers played hockey, so then my parents just introduced me to skating. 


  • When did you start skating?


I started when I was around six and a half.


  • What competition were you in last week?


I was just in Berlin. We got third. It was fun, we were there for like a week, with like practices throughout the week.


  • Can you explain how you’re involved with Team USA?


So we have to get monitored every year to become part of Team USA. There’s three teams, Senior is the highest. We represent the U.S but almost everyone on our team is from Michigan. There’s another team in Boston and one in Miami of Ohio and also represent the U.S.


  • How are you involved with the figure skating team at our school?


My mom started it and this will be my second year on the team.


  • What do you like most about skating?


I guess it’s just like an escape from school, it’s another thing to do that I find to be very fun and enjoyable.


  • Who has been your biggest inspiration to skate?


My coaches and my team. One of my coaches had breast cancer recently and she fought through it, so that united us.

  • Do you have a pre-competition routine?


We usually just play the same songs as our routine to focus in on them.


  • What are your hobbies/what else do you like about skating?


I used to be on the poms team, so I like to dance, but I also like to do volunteer work.


  • How do you train? How often?


My synchronized skating team trains five days a week, for at least four hours and then individually we all have to practice four hours.


  • What are some of your biggest achievements in skating?


At national competitions have have got 2 silver medals, and two pewter metals.


  • What’s your most favorite memory from skating?


My favorite memory was my first international competition, which was in France


  • What is your first memory from ice skating?


Stepping onto the ice with my guards on, and falling.


  • If you could be like any skater in the world, who will you be like?


Ashley Wagner, she’s competed in the Olympics twice now. I think she’s really energetic and always shows her love for the sport.

Congratulations to Camille for all her achievements! Know anyone who deserves to be in Spectrum Spotlight? Leave his or her name in the comments below!