Adults Play, Kids Win!

The WBEF hosts their annual casino night.


Jo Fogarasi, Writer

On Friday, February 10, the West Bloomfield Education Foundation (WBEF) will be hosting their annual Casino Night.

The mission of the WBEF is to generate funds for programs and equipment that support student achievement and maintain the high quality of education provided by the West Bloomfield School District.

Casino Night will be held at Edgewood Country club at 7pm. There are three types of tickets available to purchase, which include the Card Shark ticket, the Diamond ticket, and the High Roller ticket. The Card Shark ticket costs $35, includes appetizers, one  raffle entry, and 100 chips. The Diamond ticket costs $75, includes appetizers, five raffle entries, 250 chips, and one beverage. The High Roller ticket costs $125 dollars, and includes appetizers, ten raffle entries, 500 chips, and two beverages. There will also be a silent auction with tons of prizes provided by businesses in the community. All the profits received from the evening will go to the WBEF. Remember, adults play and kids win!

Tickets can still be purchased at the WBEF website,