Counselor of the Week

Mr. Martinez


Ryan Horwitz and Melissa Strome

This week’s counselor of the week is Mr. Martinez, who has not only been a fabulous teacher at several middles schools, but is now an amazing counselor at West Bloomfield High School.  

Mr. Martinez commenced his career in Flint as a middle school teacher and then continued his career at Orchard Lake Middle School. In time, he became a counselor at West Bloomfield High School. Mr. Martinez has been in the district for 8 years, 2 of which he has been a counselor. Before becoming a teacher and counselor, Mr. Martinez graduated from CMU with a masters in school and professional counseling.

Mr. Martinez will be the counselor for freshman, sophomore, and juniors with the last names Lp-Po and seniors last names Kn-Pat. When asked what he was excited about at the high school, Mr. Martinez responded, “getting to know all my students, getting more familiar with the wonderful programs, and working with the new counselors and new assistant principal in the counselors office.”

When it comes to advice, Mr. Martinez has some for freshmen and seniors. For freshmen he offers, “Time is going to pass no matter what, you may as well set it toward your goals.” For seniors, he advises, “Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know what career you want to pursue. Be careful taking out student loans.” As for himself, Mr. Martinez tries to see things from every angle, never jumping to conclusions.

So far spectrum has covered Mrs. Mortimore, Mrs. Falk, and Mr. Martinez, just three of the counselors making a difference at West Bloomfield High School. Next week, spectrum will be covering Ms. Thompkins for counselor of the week!