Six word stories

Exploration in Hemingway

This is the original six word story written by Ernest Hemingway.

This is the original six word story written by Ernest Hemingway.

The most powerful stories are the ones that visually say the least, but mean the most. Ms. B’sheart’s beginning writing for publication class began an activity on Friday October 11, 2013 which was an exercise I found very compelling. The challenge was to write a story in six words like the great Ernest Hemingway. In the 1920’s Ernest Hemingway’s colleagues challenged him that he could not write a story in six words. The featured picture was the result, a powerful story in six words. My classmates and I decided to compile some of the class’s efforts below at this challenge. We invite the entire student body to make their own attempts at the challenge below– please use the comments feature to add your own six word story here!




“Blood, bathroom floor, life goes on.” –Douglas Husic (12)

“Dead dad. Everybody sad. I’m mad.” – Douglas Husic (12)

“Both broken. Come together. Fixed hearts.” – Douglas Husic (12)

“Late night. Apart. I love you.”  -Douglas Husic (12)

“God is dead. Maybe, silly Nietzsche.” – Douglas Husic (12)

“Government for the people. Ignores us.” –Douglas Husic (12)

“Everyone loves a Fascist. Especially Germany.” – Douglas Husic (12)

“Communist and a fascist. What ignorance?” – Douglas Husic (12)

“Government shutdown. When hasn’t it been?” – Douglas Husic (12)

“Mary made a mistake; religions followed.” – Blair Sakwa (10) and John Thibideau (12)

“Dinosaurs. Space Rocks. No more dinosaurs.” – Neil Heran (10)

“I love you, you don’t care.” – Ana Rose (10)

“Heart attack. CPR, doctors, nurses, useless.” – Adrian Oliver (12)

“Blank page. Moving pencil. Story born.” – Tori Stark (12)

“High five. Smiles fading. Jail time.” – Dalta Rubenstein (10)

“Mother’s day. Son not home. Iraq.” – Kara Gimby (9)

“A kind word, and wonderful smile.” – Josiah Bromley (10)