WBHS Spending No Money This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! WBHS students, however, don’t appear to be too enthusiastic.


Ben Goldman , Deepa Jha , and Madison Ruiz



The Spectrum staff surveyed students during lunches, and their Valentine’s Day plans were revealed to be rather…interesting.


“You got to wait until the 15th for the sales on candy! I got to take advantage of the resources!”

“There’s a special Mac and Cheese being served in the cafeteria. The pasta guys put a lot of things on it.”

“I’m going to make a heart shaped box.”

“I’m shadowing at Bloomfield Hills that day.”

“I’m going to take my girlfriend to Build-a-Bear.”



But what are some good gifts? The students had a lot of good suggestions!


“I’m not buying anything.”

“I don’t buy Valentines for anyone.”

“Apples are an a-okay gift.”

“I mean, if a guy gave me an apple, I wouldn’t want to be rude so I’d accept it.”

“A burrito probably wouldn’t be a good idea to give to a girl.”

“I might get some flowers.”

“I would want a burnt onion.”


When asking for Valentine’s Day advice, we received a lot of shrugs, and a big “no” from Mr. Abel. We did, however, receive some hot tips:


“Variety is good.”

“Don’t forget about it! It’s on Tuesday!”

“Valentine’s Day advice? I’ll think about it, I don’t even have have a Valentine!”


It’s all right though. If you don’t have a boo this year, you can celebrate Ferris Wheel day with your friends!
Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? If so, comment below your plans!