WBHS MIFA Company Performs at State Festival


Theatre members such as those pictured above will be some of the students featured on the brand new Fine Arts Wall of Fame

Emma Lundgren, writer

WBHS MIFA team competed in their state competition in Charlotte Michigan on February 17th and 18th. They performed their shakespearean one act main stage show Twelfth Night and competed against 16 other schools across the state.


MIFA stands for Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association. MIFA hosts many statewide theatre, debate, and speech competitions. One division of MIFA is their main stage one act plays. Competing High Schools are to prepare a 45 minute show and a traveling set. There are 3 levels of competitions, districts, regionals, and states. The WBHS company just barely made it to states, making second to last in their regional competition and scoring a “wild card” pick entering them into the last slot.


The company received excellent scores in their States performance and won 6th place in their division. “At the end of the day the scores and ranking don’t mean anything,” said WBHS Sophomore. MIFA techie Izzy Eyles stated, “All that matters is that we had an amazing time and we created an amazing and beautiful piece of art that will stay in our memories forever.”