WBHS Chem Club Sells Veggie Grams


Emma Lundgren and Deepa Jha

What would you do if you were sitting in class and received an eggplant from your friend? Laugh, be angry, or be super embarrassed? Now you can find out how your friends would react by sending a veggie gram! The Chemistry Club at West Bloomfield High School is selling vegetables during lunches, that you can send to your friends.

A veggie gram is almost exactly like a candy gram but instead of candy, you can send vegetables to your friends! Just go up to the sales table across from the lunchroom, fill out a form, pay, and then your veggie gram sale will be final and will arrive to the recipient in class!

The vegetables include potatoes, carrots, corn, eggplant, cucumber, and sweet potatoes. When you buy one, you can include a fun little message for whoever you’re sending it to!

A veggie gram costs $2-3 depending on what vegetable you buy. Chemistry Olympiad coordinator Devyn Barnette, adds that “the profits will go to Chemistry Club and the Flint Child Health and Development Fund.”

Sales will last through this week and will resume the week of March 6th. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity to share some nutritious love with your friends and fellow students!