March is Women’s History Month!


Lauryn Azu

WBHS Social Studies and Leadership teacher Ms. Jennifer Sepetys wears red in support of International Women’s Day, alongside her Women’s Month poster.

Lauryn Azu and Jo Fogarasi

This March we learn and honor the contributions women have made in history. From March 1- March 31, Women’s History Month is being celebrated in every way across the globe.

“It is important to celebrate women’s history month because women have come a long way in the past 100 years, yet it is still not far enough,” says West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Physics and English teacher Ms. Megan Nowak. Even today, women everywhere are taking a stand and are demanding that their voices be heard in government, politics, and national policy. 

We asked various WBHS students and staff about women in history or today that they admire, and here’s what they said:

“A women in history that I admire would probably be Alice Paul,” said WBHS U.S. History and Civics teacher Mr. Joshua Johnson. “She was instrumental in the suffrage movement that led to the passage of the 19th Amendment. She showed great courage despite huge opposition towards women obtaining the right to vote,” Johnson continued.

“Rosa Parks stood up for herself and her community. By taking a stand, she changed the way everyone thinks and the way everyone acts,” said Julian Khoury, freshman.

“Harriet Tubman. She freed over 300 slaves and she went back 19 times from Philadelphia back to Maryland just so she could help other people that were strangers. She really changed history,” said Alexis Kill, freshman.

“A women that I admire from history is Leila Khaled . . . She’s really representative of the way that us as women have the ability to make change and to make an impact, and that we have always been the forefront of our revolutions. That’s something that is really important to me,” said Jinan Abufarha, junior.

“Michelle Obama. I admire her because not just that she’s friendly, but because I think she’s a really good role model. She is healthy, I see her as a very good person, she’s kind to people, and she had several causes that I think were very valuable,” said WBHS Photography and AVID teacher Ms. Allison Davis.

“Rihanna. Harvard University just gave her a huge award, which is very hard to receive. She’s a great businesswoman, she’s doing so many things for her community, and she’s standing out as a person. I just admire that she doesn’t take crap and that she’s strong,” said Morgan Braswell, freshman.

The achievements of women can be celebrated and honored all year ‘round, not just during March. According to Ilyssa Brunhild, senior, “It’s important to remember the contributions women have made, and not to neglect them and the impact that they have had on society today.”

Know of a women who you believe has made a true IMPACT? Share her name in the comments below!