Spotlight On: The Yung Mob Entrepreneur

Spotlight On: The Yung Mob Entrepreneur

Avani Samandur, Deepa Jha, and Jo Fogarasi


Unser Jaffry is a freshman entrepreneur at West Bloomfield High School. Spectrum got the chance to sit down with Unser and learn all about his brand Yung Mob, as well as his other new ventures.

1. Can you explain to us what exactly you sell?

I sell apparel… like shirts, hoodies, and jackets.

2. How did you start your brand?

With the idea, I’m really into streetwear and apparel. I was researching for a good year, I was looking into it since I didn’t really know how to start it. Then, I wanted to take initiative so I started saving up by getting a summer job as a caddy. Over the summer I saved up the money. The next summer, I invested into a website. I did all of the work myself, setting the website up, I think I did a pretty good job, it looks pretty professional. Then I started investing in clothing. I order everything in bulk with different designs. I started off with a couple and they sold pretty good, made some good money. Got some more and more products, which kept on selling. Right now, I’m saving up to do more business relating things like branch off into some music.

3. Do you work with anyone else on your brand?

No, it’s just me.

4. How did you come up with the name “Yung Mob”?

It’s a funny story. Me and my friend were thinking, and I was like, what would be a cool name that hasn’t been taken. So we were going through different names, and different things, and we came up with mob, because mob was a pretty cool name and idea. We started thinking more and more, and realized that Yung Mob hadn’t been taken, so we just stuck with it.

5. To you, what does “Yung Mob” really mean?

I think it represents me, and what I see, with me and my friends and what we represent. It represents me also being an entrepreneur and my brand.

6. What are some of your biggest achievements with this brand?

Some Detroit rappers found out about it, which was pretty cool. Rocaine knew about it, and another Chaldean rapper found out about it which was cool. It’s cool to see how it’s spreading throughout Detroit and now I’m trying to get it in some stores. Making money was the coolest part.

7. What has been your biggest struggle in this?                                                 

Starting. It’s really taking the initiative, that’s the hardest part. To make an idea into something. People always say that they want to do something but it’s sort of like ,“how do you do it?”

8. What else do you like to do besides this?

Sports, I run track and play basketball. I’m really into fashion and designer brands.


9. What is the most inspirational thing you have ever heard?

Well my father is an entrepreneur. So, growing up, I was always saw him and saw how you have to grow as a person. I always wanted to be an owner of something and be a business entrepreneur. So I took it from that aspect and that kind of started it, like a spark and from that I took what I like, what my interests are, to make it cool.

10. What advice could you give to someone trying to create a brand?

Just take initiative, that’s really the biggest thing.

To see Unser’s website, check out the link to Yung Mob here: Also, check out his new Yung Mob app on the Apple App Store.

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