Exclusive Summer Opportunity for WBHS Students!

Interested in a unique summer opportunity? Read on to find out more!


Lauryn Azu

WBHS was lucky enough to be selected as the ONLY high school in the Metro Detroit area to help with the new Detroit Water Ice Factory, which will open this summer at Franklin Cider Mill! Created by Mitch Albom, the Detroit Water Ice Factory, opened its first location at Campus Martius in downtown Detroit.

The Detroit Water Ice Factory is looking for help – that’s where you come in! The factory is run on a strictly VOLUNTEER basis & all of the proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations in Detroit. The factory is looking for volunteers throughout the summer, particularly individuals who will volunteer their time in four week blocks, 3 days per week for a 4-6 hour shift. These hours can be submitted for community service.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form below by Thursday, March 16th. There will be an informational meeting on Friday, March 17th at 9:30 AM in the auditorium.


“The biggest thing that students can gain is giving back to a community in need. 100% of the proceeds from Detroit Water Ice goes towards helping the neediest citizens of the city of Detroit,” said WBHS Counselor Ms. Lisa Thompkins. “What better way to give back in your community, than to help another community? Mitch Album is an internationally renowned author, screenwriter, radio broadcaster, TV broadcaster, he’s a New York Times Bestseller, and he’s a Detroiter. He chose our school to help him in this effort. Just imaging being able to put on your resume that you worked with Mitch Albom in terms of community service and giving back? That speaks volumes. We’re excited, and we hope that West Bloomfield Students take advantage of this great opportunity,” Ms. Thompkins continued.

For more information, see either Ms. Thompkins or Ms. Larkin in the WBHS Counseling office.