Laker’s Saint Patty’s Plans


Emma Lundgren


This Saint Patrick’s Day spectrum decided to ask fellow lakers about their evening plans. Some may go out of their way to be spirited while others celebrate in a more casual fashion.

“For Saint Patrick’s Day we are going to a Irish dinner, with Colcannon which is like potatoes and corned beef and everything mixed together with lots of good Irish stuff. We are going to eat bread pudding for dessert and listen to Irish music during dinner. I’ve also been teaching my friends how to Irish dance during the school day because I’ve taken Irish dance for 5 years.” – McKenna Murphy, 11

“I’m going to get a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s after school””

— Anabel Faigin-12

“I’m wearing green and spending time with my sister.””

— Ilyssa Brunhild- 12

“My Mom is making a complete Irish meal””

— Janelle McManaman- 9

“I’m going to buy a Dubliner to support the theatre department,””

— Nolan Beaty- 10

“I’m going to be watching the Saint Patrick’s day parade with my dad.””

— Olivia Bowyer- 11

Are you doing anything fun for Saint Patty’s? Comment down below!