Limited time offer


human brain

Ever tire of having no thoughts at all? Do you want ideas more complex than, “I want cheese?” Wish math homework was easy? Now you can order… your very own… Brain! Used to help with all tasks more advanced than making toast. It’s moldable, squeezable, now easily influenced and controlled. This limited time offer allows you to order one Brain for three easy payments of $19.99 (soul and tax not included). This is a very rare deal on a very rare product. Soon to be discontinued-get your Brain now. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! If you order now you can get a limited addition Batman carry case and ShamWow to keep your Brain clean. So call now 248-1234-56789; with three easy payments you will get, a Brain, a Batman carry case and a ShamWow.

Batteriesnotincluded.Mustbe18yearsoroldertocall. Call now 248-1234-56789.