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Dodge Sets Records with New Vehicle


Ryan Horwitz

On April 11, Dodge revealed their newest vehicle, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. This monster has broken multiple records and it hasn’t even been unleashed on the roads.

Know of a production car that does a wheelie when launched? No? The Dodge Demon does. This insane feat and new record for production cars is due to the massive weight shift from balanced to extremely overloaded on the back when the car is launched at a force of 1.8 Gs, just one of the records the Demon has set. This is the highest G force launch ever recoded by a road legal production car. The Demon sprints a quarter-mile time of a record shattering 9.65 seconds, the fastest quarter-mile time by a production car. Even more impressive is the Demon’s 0-60 time, a blazing 2.3 seconds at breakneck speed of 140 mph, the quickest of any production car. Looking at these critical numbers, the Demon is in a completely different category than any other car on the road today.

Under the hood lies a supercharged 6.2 L V8 840 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque engine, completely different than that of its predecessor, the Dodge Hellcat. Also new are the 315/40R18 Nitto NT05Rs, tires custom designed solely for the Demon. These tires are made to handle the abuse of drag strip driving by giving the Demon an enormous amount of grip, which is unfortunate because the Demon ran the quarter-mile so fast that it was banned from competing. This protocol is just one example of how powerful and incredible the Demon is and the abilities it harbors.

The Demon is nowhere near short of options. For starters, the option to remove the seats in the Demon is a big part of weight reduction. More weight reduction and increased horsepower, both of which the Demon has, are a recipe for straight-line speed.  The Dodge Demon has dropped over 200 lbs by removing the backseats and adding the feature to make passenger seat optional. Another option is race tires for the front wheels. These wheels are much skinnier and lighter than those in the back, which plays into the Demon’s ability to perform a wheelie off the launch. These wheels are more for the drag strip, while the standard tires are for daily driving. Perhaps the most incredible option/setting is the Trans-Brake, another drag strip option, however this one can easily be used at a red light or stop sign. This feature puts the transmission into first gear and reverse at the same time, creating a huge potential build up of torque, which will be explosively utilized when the green light flashes or when the road past the stop sign is clear.

Additional features on the Demon include the new Air Grabber engine, a huge air intake on the hood to cool the massive engine and 2.7 liter supercharger. With a car putting out so much power, it needs a LOT of air to breathe. The Demon sets another first, using AC refrigerant to cool the intake air being gulped into the hood. This beast of an engine gets very hot producing so much power and torque, which is why the cold air is so important to maximize efficiency and functionality. It is claimed that this system lowers the temperatures under the hood by about 45 degrees (F).

If it isn’t obvious enough already, the Dodge Demon is one of a kind. It has broken serval records and has taken cars to another dimension. The Demon has only been revealed for two days, yet the hype around it is still growing. Any person with even the slightest idea about cars would be flabbergasted by the Demon, meaning the gear heads across America will be able to live their childhood dreams of driving good old American muscle to an extent not yet explored. All that has been revealed so far is just the tip of the iceberg with this car. The performance ability, daily driving ability, and technology in this car are still highly anticipated as people continue waiting for a price on the car and a date when the car will become available. The Demon is the biggest thing in American car history right now, and it’s moving fast. Can you keep up?