TOP 10: Surviving the Rest of the School Year


Madison Ruiz and Jo Fogarasi

As the school year comes to an end, senioritis and outpasses infect the halls as angsty students are eager to leave. The Spectrum staff spoke to WBHS students of all grades to ask them how they plan on surviving the remainder of the school year.

  1. Make sure that all homework is done on time so that when the end of the semester comes along that A you thought you had isn’t actually a D.
  2. Don’t skip class, no one wants to spend their last few months of school stuck in ISS!
  3. Wake up early! Though you’re not a bird, and you’re not looking for worms, the quote still applies! If you wake up early you have more time to get ready and eat breakfast. (And you’ll get a good parking spot!)
  4. Eat a good breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day after all!
  5. Go to sleep early, you’ll be refreshed in the morning and you’ll be able to wake up early to complete the previous survival tips!!
  6. Study! If you want to go out with a bang, study for all upcoming exams so you can get the best grade possible at the end of the school year
  7. Be involved! The school year is almost over, make sure that you are aware of important upcoming events so that you never miss an important date!
  8. Thank your teachers! Your teachers are just as excited to leave as you are, so make sure to tell them that you appreciate how much you’ve done for them.
  9. Relax, take some time to yourself and read a nice book, or catch up on your favorite show
  10. Have fun! The year is almost over, don’t stress yourself out and have some fun (especially if you’re a senior!)