M.U.N.–> FUN

M.U.N.--> FUN

Madison Ruiz and Ari Felhandler

West Bloomfield High School’s Model United Nations team hit the road to the Big Apple on a quest for diplomatic solutions to pressing worldly issues. These Laker fully indulge in intense, productive debate from Tuesday, March 14 to Saturday, March 18 at the Hilton Midtown in Manhattan. AP Psychology and Model UN Teach Ryan Ridenour diligently led this talented, determined group of student throughout. Not only did these Model UNers spend over 100 hours in their designated committees representing the Republic of Yemen amongst over 2,000 children.


One very enthusiastic Model UN member, Hannah Merit (sophomore), “I enjoyed my time at NHSMUN. it was a life changing experience that taught me how to properly debate real world issues with people I’ve never even met before! Though it was nerve racking to speak in front of a couple hundred strangers, It was worth it. I recommend attending in NHSMUN if you are interested in meeting new people and making life lasting connections.”


“My favorite part of the trip was probably the idea of meeting new people from different parts of the world and coming together to discuss topics that really need attention I learned that it’s difficult going against a lot of different people but in the end it helps u become more confident in speaking.  I would recommend this trip to others because if you really want to get the full UN and Model UN experience it really does help. You get to meet amazing people, see amazing things, and get to be a part of a really big event.
a difficulty that some of us faced was some of the language barriers, and sometimes the committees would run really late and we would have to wake up again the next morning really early,” said Freshman Amara S.


“My favorite part of the trip] was eating a Trump leaf, [I learned] that leaves don’t taste any better in trump tower. [I would recommend others attend this trip] if they like trump leaves, [some difficulties that i faced is that] there were not enough varieties of leaves in Trump Tower,” said MUN teacher Ryan Ridenour.


These Laker delegates hope to continue their quest for worldly solutions at SEMMUNA conferences this spring.