On Wednesdays We Wear Blue

Autism Awareness at WBHS

On Wednesdays We Wear Blue

Melissa Strome and Ryan Horwitz

Wednesday’s spirit day cause during activist week was Autism Awareness day. Leadership’s committee set up a photo booth in which students could use blue colored props, blue for Autism Awareness, during their lunches. Many students were dressed in all shades of blue to show their support for recognizing Autism Awareness and spreading a message of support in the West Bloomfield community. Blue cookies were also distributed by students in leadership accompanied by an informational pamphlet about the Autism Society of Michigan. Lindsay Schwartz (10) was moved by this day and told Spectrum, “It is very nice of the school to support and teach more about autism. I feel that a lot of students did not know what autism is and now they do”.

The Autism Society of Michigan is able to function because of donated funds. Being designated to Michigan, every fund donated to this charity stays in the state. Students can join this charity for just $10, a small price to pay to show support that means the world to so many people who are involved with the cause. 

For more information visit : www.autism-mi.org