College Signing Day Leaves Students Excited for Futures


College decisions are always the toughest kind for students to make. Although you can always transfer, most students struggle making the final decision. Students at WBHS celebrate their commitment every year during an event that the school hosts, Signing Day. This annual event marks an end of their high school career, to a transition into what comes next.

Students are able to make a pennant declaring their school, gives thoughts about the past four years, give words of wisdom, and reminisce the good times over pizza and salad.  

“It’s weird,” said senior Kendall Veasey, who signed with Michigan State University. “It hasn’t hit me that we’re done soon. Like, you see seniors do this last year and you think it’s so long away, but it comes up so fast. It’s a weird time, because you’re sad about leaving, but it’s also excited to be doing something different soon, and going to college.”

Students and staff alike found this day meaningful, leaving the seniors even more excited for their future.