Carnival Chasing the Cure

WBHS Lunch Carnival Raises Money For Cancer Research

Carnival Chasing the Cure

The marketing classes of West Bloomfield High School threw another amazing carnival during all lunches on Wednesday, May 10. Marketing students worked the games, sold raffle tickets, and raised money for the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Nick O’Shea, junior, is a part of the Sports Marketing Program, and was tasked with selling raffle tickets at the carnival. With over 40 prizes to win, tickets had a cost of $1, with all profits benefiting the American Cancer Society.  But O’shea’s efforts were more than just selling tickets and collecting money; he feels humbled for being a part of a such a great cause.

O’Shea explained, “I think it’s really cool, especially because it wasn’t just certain kids. It was all of the sports marketing program and (various other) clubs at WB.”

Another student involved was junior Marcus McLaughlin, running the DECA booth. When asked how it was going, he commented, “The carnival is really fun, it’s great because it brings everyone together and it’s for a great cause.” McLaughlin continued, “I’m running the DECA booth. It’s to inform kids about the DECA program and give them information on how they can join.”

Some of the other clubs that participated were the Art Club offering henna tattoos, SkillsUSA who brought a photobooth, Model UN who sold ethnic foods, the Class of 2020 who sold popcorn, and Law Club which had a ring toss game.

Amara Siddiqui, a Model UN representative said, “Model UN is hosting a booth that has ethnic foods from all around the world. Our club is basically a club that helps you be heard. The club is based off of debates and controversial conversations, you go through conferences representing a country and debate other kids on topics that are affecting our world today and we come up with ways he works could fix it.”

Sara Filby, a member of student government and a representative of the class of 2020 said, “I’m part of the Class of 2020, the money that we’re raising is going to go to ACS [American Cancer Society]. So anything that we are raising will go over there, nothing will go to our class.”

Liz Vidella, active book club member added, “Book Club is doing a cookie decorating booth, and what is unique about our club is that everyone is super close, and it is fun to do this when you are with your friends.”

The American Cancer Society provides support to families and cancer patients. They also fund research programs to understand and eventually cure cancer. The ACS has spent $4.5 billion in research efforts since 1946. By donating, volunteering, and fundraising, the efforts of the ACS will continue and cancer can soon be eradicated. There are numerous ways to get involved besides just giving money. There are galas, marathons, and Relay for Life events with the simple yet effective goal of raising money and awareness. Any way you can get involved is helpful beyond your imagination, so don’t be afraid to dive in! Visit to learn more about the American Cancer Society and ways to get involved.