Spectacular Senior Showcase


Emma Lundgren, writer

19 seniors proudly stood in front of their artwork as members of the community and fellow students admired their pieces, this Wednesday, May 10. From photography and paintings, to metal work and sculptures, WBHS seniors displayed a wide variety of work, as well as presenting a mission statement that summarized their inspiration and driving statements for their pieces.

One senior featured in the showcase, Anya Miller, commented on the experience by saying, “I have been looking forward to the Senior Art Showcase since my freshman year. It is very rewarding to see my art being displayed at the front of the building along with my fellow peers. I worked very hard on each piece so the recognition is great.”

Jayson Olson, another senior who specializes in metal and jewelry arts, summarized the event by saying, “It was really awesome to have my mentors here, and being able to look at the art and reflect on all the things that we did this year and in past years was a great experience.”

Overall the showcase  was a success and was able to expose beautiful student artwork to the community. Check out the senior art in the atrium all next week!