Student Government Election Results Are In!


Deepa Jha

The students at West Bloomfield High School recently had their elections for their respective class representatives in student government. The student body votes on their representatives twice in freshman year, and then once a year for sophomore and junior grades.

The freshmen who won were:

  • Dhiya Krupashankar
  • Margo Budde
  • Mackenzie Barbat
  • Jacob Nafso
  • Ayushi Uppal
  • Lara Mathias
  • Sara Filby
  • Holly Daugard
  • Noor Sabri
  • Hailey Saroki

A returning representative for the Class of 2020, Holly Daugard, commented “my plans are to get the school more involved, and do more fundraisers to get money for our class.”

The sophomores who won were:

  • Mikayla Fellman
  • Dana Suchara
  • Kunal Mathara
  • Nick Nafso
  • Sara Hobart
  • Sanjana Ghosh
  • Durga Shanker
  • Sitara Vennapusa
  • Kendall Jones
  • Leah Deyoung

A representative for the Class of 2019, Sara Hobart, commented on what she wants to do for our school. “I want to focus on making school more enjoyable and fun!”

The juniors who won were:

  • Danielle Fink
  • Adam Ben-Moche
  • Sarah Albani
  • Ellie Wineman
  • Claire Simmons
  • Ari Felhandler
  • Blake Rubenstein
  • Dylan Edelman
  • Rishabh Parekh
  • Karsen Meck

As the year is almost over, these students will be representing their peers for the 2017-2018 school year.